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Common Wealth Games – A Challenge!Debate Competition

On the 27th September, 2010 the Executive Committee Members of the Commerce, Economics and Literary association met in order to organise a mega event. The theme selected was the “Common Wealth Games – A Challenge!”. After much deliberations amongst the Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurers and the Programme Action Coordinators of all the associations it was decided to organise three separate programmes on the same day – Wednesday 29th October, 2010 in different class rooms dealing with different issues of the same topic.

Economics Association

Report on the Debate competition organised on Wednesday, 29th September, 2010 in Room No. 402 between 7.15 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.

The topic for debate was “Will India be successful in hosting the Common Wealth Games?”

The members interested in participating in the debate competition formed two groups of four members each. One group spoke for the motion and the other group spoke against the motion. Both the groups presented their views convincingly. The audience too were permitted to present their thoughts at the end of the event in the “Open House.”

Debate competition enables the students to not only study the topic but also present it in an emphatic manner. It improves public speaking skills and promotes logical thinking.

The students participated enthusiastically amidst audience applauds and cheers! The competition was tough and the judges had a tough time selecting the winners! Senior Economics professors of the college judged the event.

The winners were :

  • First Prize : Zulkar Nain Ahmed, S.Y.B.Com., B Div.
  • Second Prize: Vilas Aade, F.Y.BCom., B Div
  • Third Prize: Saifee Aafreen M Ishaque, S.Y.B.Com., A Div

Commerce Association

Report on the Paper Presentation programme organised on Wednesday, 29th September, 2010 in Room No. 400 between 7.15 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.

The topic for Paper Presentation was “Common Wealth Games – A Challenge!”

The Commerce Association members interested in presenting papers were required to write 1,500 words paper on the topic and permitted to make a 7 minute power point presentation. Seven members made paper presentations. The matter presented was interesting and presented in a logical manner. The students spoke confidently and were happy to answer questions during the question answer session at the end of the programme.

The students were very happy to participate in this event as it gave them the opportunity to research on a current and interesting topic. The media provided them with a lot of information. The audience was lively and full of questions!
Senior Commerce Professors judged the Paper Presentation Programme.

The winners were:

  • First Prize : Nikita Pawar F.Y.B.Com., B Div
  • Second Prize: Krushna Jadhav
  • Third Prize: Devika

Literary Association

A report on the GD – Group Discussion programmes organised on Wednesday, 29th September, 2010 in Room No. 300 between 7.15 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.

The topic for group discussion was “Common Wealth Games – Media Responsibility”

The members of the Literary Association who were interested and eager to participate in the GD were given chairs to sit on and were positioned in the front on the platform. Ten students participated in the discussion. The students started slowly but moved on constructively to put across their views enthusiastically.

This exercise helped the students think logically and express themselves clearly. Public speaking skills, self confidence and rational thinking skills were developed.
The students were judged on the basis of their participation in the Group Discussion and their ability to reason and present facts convincingly.
Senior Business Communication professors judged the event.

The winners were:

  • First Prize : Deepali Mahtre S.Y.B.Com. A Div.
  • Second Prize: Mohosin Farooqui S.Y.B.Com. B Div
  • Third Prize: Vaibhav Totala

Report on the Debate Competition organised on Saturday, 11th December, 2010 at 7:30 p.m. in the classroom No. 400

Economics Association

The second round of Economics Department activities in the form of a Group Discussion on ‘Agriculture in India and Globalization’ was held on 11th December, 2010 at 7:30 p.m. in the classroom No. 400 in the presence of the Economic Teacher Dr. (Mrs.) Lata Menon.
21 number of students were present for the group discussion.
The students presented extempore discussion on the pros and cons of the globalization in India. There was an open discussion on whether the Indian economy in particular the poor farmers had really benefited from globalization. In the concluding session Dr. Lata Menon gave a brief summary and feedback on the performance of the participants. This was followed by the prize distribution for the best presenter by the Principal Dr. Padma Rangan.

Commerce Association

The second round of associations activities of Commerce Department were held on 11th December, 2010 in the classroom number 300 on the 3rd Floor at 7:15 p.m.

This time it was a Debate chaired by ‘Does Mumbai get the facilities corresponding to the title’, ‘The financial capital of India’. There were number of students whose names were already registered before the commencement of the first round activity. Many eye – opening statements were brought into light exposing the dissatisfaction in the facilities especially in the areas of mode of communication, health care, traffic jams, water logging, accommodation etc.

The participants found to be very angry when they were expressing their grievances. However, the participants recommended the NSS volunteers to bring the above mentioned problems before the authorities related, whenever they get a chance.

The result of the meeting was very satisfactory and debate was very energetic from the beginning to the end.

Literary Association

The second phase of the activity of the Literary Association was held on the 11th December, 2010. This time the activity was three in one –
The participants registered with the literary association were given the topic “Can Mumbai become green and clean” for essay writing.

The essay writing competition was held on the 4th Floor, in Room No. 400. There were nine students for the competition. This time the cash prize was announced for three areas such as:
a. For the best content and handwriting.
b. For the best content only
c. For the best handwriting only.

The number of words was restricted not to exceed 250 and the duration for the essay writing competition was 30 minutes.

The Panel of Judges was as follows:

  1. Mr. Tushar Pawar to evaluate the content part
  2. Mr. C. M. Varma was assigned to evaluate the handwriting part
  3. Mr. Tushar Pawar and Mr. C. M. Varma were assigned to evaluate the content and handwriting prize.

The first prize i.e. for content and handwriting was won by Khan Shagufta Parveen from F.Y.B.Com. (Roll No. 59). The amount of the cash award was Rs. 250/-

The second prize i.e. for the best content was awarded to Mr. Dipali from S.Y.B.Com. – B Division. The amount of the cash award was Rs. 200/-.

The prize for the best handwriting was awarded to Ms. Alagamma from F.Y.B.Com.