Community Service Day


Community Service Day 2019-20

Since 2012 the students and teachers us institutions of Mahatma Education Society (MES) gather at Dr. K. M. Vasudevan Pillai Campus, New Panvel once a year and devote their time to the NGOs. This one day is dedicated to the Special guests invited by the institution. This one of the best practices of the Mahatma Education Society and thereby Mahatma Night Degree College is conducted to make the Mahatma family more sensible and responsible towards the less privileged and underprivileged section of the society. It is also expected from each institution of MES that as far as possible the same NGO should be invited every year to strengthening the bonding with the invited NGO. This year being a Golden Jubilee Celebration year for the Mahatma Education Society, alumni of various institutions were also invited to be a part of Community Service Day celebration.

The main objective of the Community Service Day celebration is to socially sensitize the students and teachers of Mahatma Education Society towards less privileged and under privileged section of the society.

About Activity
Every year the Mahatma Night Degree College invites students of Sevadan Special School, Chembur for Community Service Day. Asst. Prof. Dr. Anaya A. Markandeya was the coordinator for Community Service Day 2020. Twenty three special students with ten staff members attended the programme. The Principal Dr. Padma Rangan and coordinator picked the inmates from their place i.e. Sevadan School to the New Panvel campus. Asst. Prof. Dr. Eknath Zhrekar, seven alumni, thirteen student volunteers and two volunteers from the New Panvel campus took the charge of the open space area allotted to the college. After reaching the campus, the guests were served with sumptuous lunch. All the student volunteers, alumni and teachers enjoyed feeding and serving the guests. After lunch, the inmates were taken to the open space area for activities planned for them. The invited special students were given drawing materials like, drawing sheets, crayon colours. With the help of volunteers the kids enjoyed the activity and coloured the pictures beautifully. After drawing competition all children were got on to the floor for music and dance which is their most favorite activity. The music arrangements were made by the student volunteers. In the meanwhile, drawings were selected for prizes. Two prizes were given for best dancers. Small gifts as a token of love from Mahatma Education Society and Mahatma Night Degree College were given to all inmates. The snacks were provided to the guests at the end of the programme.

Every year, at the end of the day smiles on the faces of ‘Special Children’ bring the smile of happiness and satisfaction on the faces of student volunteers and teachers of the Mahatma Night Degree College. This Special Day surely contributes to make students and teachers socially more sensible and responsible.

Community Service Day – 2nd February, 2019

Community Service Day is day in which all institutions of Mahatma Education Society come together at Panvel Campus and serve the adivasi children, orphanages, old age homes and differently abled children of the society. This year community service day was celebrated on 2nd February, 2019. Mahatma Night Degree College of Arts & Commerce invited the inmates of ‘SEVA DAAN’, an NGO from Chembur for the Community Service Day.

Asst. Prof. Harsh Shukla reached SEVA DAAN NGO in the morning 10.30 a.m. in the Mahatma Education Society’s school bus along with two volunteers. All the children boarded the bus with the help of their teachers and caretakers. 32 children with 4 teachers and 4 caretakers boarded the bus. We reached the Panvel campus at 12 p.m. After reaching the campus all the children were invited for lunch. Volunteers along with other college teachers helped the children to have lunch and made sure that all of them enjoy their meal. After lunch all the children assembled at the place specified for SEVA DAAN NGO.

Drawing competition was organised for the children and volunteers provided colours, paper and pencil to the children. Further, volunteers sat along with children and helped them to draw different pictures. The winners were selected for the drawing competition.

Thereafter, musical chair competition was held for the children and they enjoyed the competition. After musical chair competition, children started dancing along with volunteers.

Subsequently, prize distribution ceremony was held and snacks were distributed. At 4.30 p.m. we bid adieu to the children and the bus left for the SEVA DAAN NGO at Chembur.