Parent’s Meeting

Parent’s Meeting 2019-20

Parent’s Meeting held on Monday, 26th August, 2019

A parents’ meeting was held in the college for the parents of F.Y.B.Com., S.Y.B.Com. and T.Y.B.Com. students. All the parents were asked to assemble in the respective classrooms of their wards as per the following arrangements:

ClassRoom No.Class Teacher
F.Y.B.Com. Div A301Asst. Prof. Tushar Pawar
FY.B.Com. Div B501Asst. Prof. Harsh Shukla
S.Y.B.Com. Div A401Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lata Krishnan
S.Y.B.Com. Div B403Assoc. Prof. Dr. Anaya Markandeya
T.Y.B.Com.404Asst. Prof. Dr. Eknath Zhrekar

All the parents were briefed about the functioning of the college in all areas. Principal Dr. Padma Rangan addressed the parents on the following main points as discussed with the class teachers in a meeting before the Parents’ meet.

  1. Women Development Cell
  2. College Grievance Redressal Cell
  3. Alumni Association
  4. Skill Development programs
  5. Computer courses
  6. NCC / NSS / Cultural
  7. Examination notices, results, revaluation
  8. Tutorials
  9. Study Camp
  10. Portion completion feedback – need based time – table
  11. Student friendly approach – late for first or second lecture, students allowed
  12. Facility for studying on holidays / Sundays or late in the evening during examination days
  13. S.Y.B.Com. – College Movement for Civic Awareness
  14. NSS residential camp
  15. Parents’ undertaking on Mobile ‘phones & decent dress code
  16. Teaching in between even in vernacular language – Marathi / Hindi
  17. Answers for F.Y. / S.Y. subjects in Marathi / Hindi permitted in Semester end examination
  18. Students allowed to use the library in the day time also
  19. Placements and Job Fair
  20. Vending m/c for girl students

The Principal, Dr. Padma Rangan addressed all the parents in all the classrooms separately and discussed with them on their satisfaction level. A feed back form designed by the college was used to take individual feed back from the parents. In case the parents were no educated or unable to understand their wards were allowed to assist them in the exercise.

Parent’s Feedback Form