Cultural Activities

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Cultural Activities from 2012-13 to 2017-18

Cultural Activities Participated and Won Awards 2012-13 to 2017-18

Independence Day / Republic Day Celebration

Venue: Mahatma Education Society, Chembur Campus

Intercollegiate Competitions

Friendship Day Celebration

Venue: Mahatma Night Degree College

Marathi Bhasha Divas

Venue: Mahatma Night Degree College

Annual Day Celebration 2016-17

Friendship Day and Traditional Day Celebrations

The students of Mahatma Night Degree College of Arts and Commerce celebrated Friendship Day and Traditional Day on Thursday 11th August, 2016. The programme was organized by the cultural committee of the college.

The objective of this event was to celebrate Friendship day in a traditional manner. Each class selected an Indian state of their choice for presentation. They studied the traditions of the selected state and went ahead with dressing and decorating their classroom traditionally. They brought the traditional food and performed the traditional dance and songs of the state. The third year B.Com. students selected Goa while the second year B.Com. A division represented West Bengal, B division Punjab and the first year B.Com. A division students represented Gujarth and B division Tamil Nadu. While celebrating traditional day they happily tied friendship bands and exchanged sweets to mark friendship day!

The event was celebrated in the class room. The programme began at 6.30 p.m. with the Principal Dr. Padma Rangan and teachers of the college visiting each of the classes. As this was a competition, judges Professor Kaur and Professor Sheetal of the Mahatma Night Junior College evaluated the display, dress, food, music and cultural programmes presented by the classes. There was a trophy for the best display class and trophies for the best traditionally dressed boy and girl from each class. F.Y.B.Com. A division representing West Bengal won the trophy for the best display class. The prize distribution ceremony for this event will be organized on the 31st August, 2016.

Send Off Party

Send Off Party

Send Off Party

Send Off Party

Inter–Collegiate Competition held at IIPM College, Khar (Mumbai)

The IIPM (Indian Institute of Planning and Management), Khar had organized an Inter–Collegiate Competition – AMAZE in various cultural and sports activities on 21st and 22nd September, 2011.

The competitions were in the following areas:

  1. Cultural Activities
  2. Antakshari
  3. Cartooning
  4. Personality contest
  5. Singing
  6. Dance
  7. Sports activities
  8. Tug of war
  9. Chess
  10. Carom
  11. One – minute test
  12. Debate
  13. Corporate Quiz

The following students participated in the various competitions from our college were as follows:

ActivitiesNames of participants
Personality ContestAmol Shinde
CartooningVaibhav Totala
AntakshariKrishna Jadhav
Zulakarnain Ahmed
Ritesh Chillukapelly
Anwar Shaikh
Ram D. Gunje
SingingKrishna Jadhav
Zulkaranain Ahmed
Ritesh Chillukapelly
Anwar Shaikh
Tug of WarRupesh Palsamkar
Hasmukh Mhatre
Sachin Khare
Nisar Shaikh
Sonali Waghmare
Pranjali Surve
Aarti Nikam
Pooja Bodekar
ChessNisar Shaikh
Imran Shaikh
CarromSagar Waghmare
Parvin Kamble
Nisar Shaikh
Corporate QuizKrishna Jadhav
Aarti Nikam
Sanjivani Kurup
Ram Gunse
Ritesh Chillukapelly
Zulkaranain Ahmed
DanceShubhangi Sawant
Supriya Mane
Pratiksh Acharya
Akshay Dighe
Vicky Maharana
Hasmukh Mhatre
One – minute TaskAnwar Shaikh
Ritesh Chillukapelly
Sachin Khare
Krishna Jadhav
Ram Gunje
Zulakarnain Ahmed
DebateKrishna Jadhav
Ram Gunje
  • Mr. Krishna Jadhav from T.Y.B.Com. reached upto the semi – final round in singing competition.
  • Ms. Aarti Nikam of S.Y.B.Com. and Mr. Krishna Jadhav of T.Y.B.Com. reached upto the second round of the Corporate Quiz.
  • Mr. Krishna Jadhav reached upto the semi – final round in the Antakshari competition.
  • Mr. Sagar Waghmare of F.Y.B.Com. reached upto the quarter final round in Carrom.
  • The participants were issued certificates for their participation in dance competition.

Send-Off Party T.Y.B.COM. 2010-11

The Send Off party to the final year B.Com. students in the academic year 2010–11 was organized on 16th March, 2011, Saturday at 7:00 p.m. on the ground floor of the college. The Principal and all the teaching and non–teaching members and most of the final year students were present on that occasion.

The programme was begun by a speech by the Principal. She emphasized the importance of systematic preparation for the university examination. She also advised the students to plan their career and take efforts to win the goals set. Other teaching staff members also wished them all the success in the examinations and for a bright career and future.

The well garnished cake then was cut by the Principal and along with the distribution of cake the cultural events started. There were single and group dances with DJ support.

The students longed all the blessings from all the teachers. The programme was concluded with a grand dinner.

Rangoli / Poster Competition 2010 – 2011

The cultural activities committee of the college organized a Rangoli as well as Poster making competition on 2nd December, 2010, Thursday at 6:30 p.m. on the open auditorium.

The themes for poster making competition were either ‘Mahatma Night Degree College at present and in 2015’ or ‘India in 2010’. There were competitors for rangoli competition and participants for poster making.

The poster were supplied by the college free of cost. It was really a colorful event with the wonderful flora decoration and imagination. The competition was over by 8:30 p.m. and the prizes were declared by the judges. Mrs. Geeta Menon, the Trustee and the Campus Rector of Mahatma Education Society, Chembur.

The following are the winners of both the competitions.

Name of ParticipantName of CompetitionPrize
HemanshriRangoli2nd Prize
SavitaRangoli3rd Prize
Alagamma TewarPoster3rd Prize
Rupali MoreRangoliOut Standing
Mamta WankhadeRangoli1st Prize
Shaikh Tanveer MunnedPoster2nd Prize
Parshuram AlgurePoster1st Prize

A cash award of 200/-, 150/- and 100/- was given to the I, II and III prize winners respectively. Besides this a cash award of 250/- was given to Ms. Rupali on an instantaneous decision for rangoli.

Annual Day Celebration

The third activity of the Cultural Committee was ‘Annual Day Celebrations’. As the college building was on total renovation, this year we conducted the ‘Annual Day Celebrations’ of all the Institutions together, in the Fine Arts Society Hall, Chembur on 4th January, 2010.

The students from our college also presented colourful items. This year there was no competition involved in the celebration. But it was a visual feast by all means.

Before the happy mood of Annual Day faded, the fourth activity of the Cultural Committee organized Pink & Blue & Chocolate Day on 6th January, 2010 during the last period.

The most prestigious activity of the cultural committee every year is organizing a grand send off party for the final year students. This programme is always sponsored by the Management.

Generally the second year students give all moral and physical supports for the success of this programme.

Students’ Council members took the lead and all the arrangements were done by the Cultural Committee.

This academic year more enthusiasm was found in the participants and organizers. The Representative from management, library, administrative section, the Principal, faculty members and a group of alumni were present. All the speakers wished the final year students the best result and future.

Our ex–student Mr. Zarapkar, who is a professional comparer and musician entertained that session. Games were also a part of the nite. This programme was followed by a smart veg. and non–veg. dinner.