Avishkar Research Convention

Avishkar Research Convention 2019-20

Introduction: It is a matter of great pride for the youth of the Maharashtra State that, the Office of the Chancellor has initiated four major events in the interest of the student community in various fields. The Avishkar, a State Level Inter-University Research Convention is one of the most prestigious events among those.

The purpose of initiating the organization of “Avishkar” every yearby the Chancellor’s office is to provide a platform for youth fromthe various Universities and extending the helping hands to understand the research attitude and acquiring the scientific knowledge thus transforming for the cause of development. This will also educate youth and teachers to understand their responsibility towards societal development.

The Research culture should be created amongst the students of our college, with this view the IQAC Coordinator Dr. Eknath Kundlik Zhrekar formed a special committee for Avishlar Research Convention 2019-20.


  1. The main objective of the committee was to create research culture amongst the students.
  2. To give more exposure to the students in research competitions.

About Activity: The Inter collegiate Avishkar Research Convention 2019-20 was scheduled on 24th December, 2019 for our college zone i.e. Zone II.The committee has decided that every teacher should guide atleast one student for Avishkar every year. For the Academic year 2019-20 the following were the Guiding teachers and student participants.

Category 1:

  1. Guiding Teacher: Dr. Eknath Kundlik Zhrekar
    Student: Chattiyar Kirti Mohan (T.Y.B.Com.) – Presenter
    Research Topic: Investment V/s Insurance
  2. Guiding Teacher: Asst Prof. Tushar A. Pawar
    Student: Survase Shrutika Rupesh (F.Y.B.Com.) – Presenter
    Rajak Rubi Umesh (F.Y.B.Com.)
    Morya Abhishek Moongilal (F.Y.B.Com.)
    Research Topic: A study on awareness and attitude towards waste management in society with special reference to composting methods.

Category 2:

  1. Guiding Teacher: Dr. Anaya A. Markandeya
    Student: Shaikh Hasiba Abdul Kadir (S.Y.B.Com.) – Presenter
    Uppalagentipogu Sridevi Nagraj (S.Y.B.Com.)
    Research Topic: A study of customers’ awareness with regards to Deposit Insurance Scheme in Banks.

The above students participated in the Competition but could not reach to the second level of the competition.

Outcome: The student participants are able to understand the Research and many terminology of research. The students are motivated and more confident to participate in the research competition. Total 6 students benefited from this activity.