Dr. K. M. Vasudevan Pillai
Chairman and CEO, MES

“We are committed to provide a holistic education based on new generation academics that creates powerful global career options to our students and at the same time make them key contributors to the society at large. We strive to achieve nation building by emphasizing on character building of individual. This is done through approach of mentoring.” read more…

Dr. Daphne Pillai
Secretary, MES

“In this fiercely competitive world, success has several dimensions far widespread than the vortex of academia, spreading its tentacles into diverse fields on which one has to be adept in. Our objective at Pillai’s has always been to create a climate conductive to ‘endeavour’ that students can unleash their untapped potential. At Pillai’s, we will provide you the right environment which will enable you to fulfill all your aspirations and ambitions.” read more…

Dr. Padma Rangan
Principal, MNDC

“Quality improvement in higher education is imperative in the context of liberalization, privatization and globalization in order to sustain itself. It calls for reforms in the management of the entire system of higher education. This will ensure qualify of services (both internal quality of assurance mechanisms and external quality assessment processes) it provides for ensuring optimum development of the students. Therefore we need to measure the quality level of inputs, processes and outputs to understand whether they really meet the required standards.”