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Career Guidance and Counseling Session
Name of the Event Career Guidance and Counseling Session on 29th August, 2022 - A Placement Cell Activity
Organized byThe Placement Cell of Mahatma Night Degree College of Arts and Commerce, Chembur, Mumbai 71
Objective of the Session
Career Guidance and Counseling for the students of S.Y.B.Com. and T.Y.B.Com.
Introduction to emerging careers for B.Com. students
Date & Time of the ProgramMonday 29th August, 2022
7.00 p.m. to 8.30 p.m.
ParticipantsMNDC students of S.Y.B.Com. and T.Y.B.Com.
No of Participants112 Students Participated
No. of Beneficiary 112 Students of MNDC S.Y.B.Com. and T.Y.B.Com.

Garware Institute of Career Education and Development, Mumbai University, Kalina Campus has been organizing Career Guidance and Counseling Seminars for our college year after year. These sessions are valuable and this year too we were fortunate to have with us the Director of the Garware Institute of Career Education and Development Dr. Keyurkumar Nayak and Ms. Shubhra Nayak, faculty at the GICED as resource persons for the session.

Dr. Nayak spoke about careers in information technology. He explained how B.Com. students can do courses in computer software and hardware and very easily blend into the IT industry. Further he spoke about careers in website designing, business opportunities in instagram, and other social media. He said we could conduct training programmes, tutorials and create interesting content that would attract many viewers. The business model for online business was clearly explained.

Dr. Keyurkumar Nayak further spoke about interesting careers in travel and tourism. Those who love traveling and enjoy history should definitely think about a career in travel and tourism. There are training courses available for travel and tourism and this career is not only exciting but also lucrative.

New emerging careers in media, advertising and entertainment, digital media and how to excel in this field was clearly explained.

Professional courses like C.A, C.S, C.M.A were mentioned and the BFSI options too were explained.

The students listened with rapt attention. They had several questions to ask, and both the resource persons gave answers to all the questions asked by the students.

Ms. Shubhra Nayak explained the need and importance of training and learning a skill to move ahead in a career. She explained that it is not enough to have a degree. One should have a craft, skill or profession that one must follow. It is important to work for several years and learn and master the craft before one moves ahead on the career track. Learning on-the-job is very important.

Both the resource persons had new and interesting information to share. This Career Guidance and Counseling Session was useful to the students.

Placement Cell Chairperson of the college Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lata Krishnan thanked the resource persons for the excellent session.

“Counselling is not about being given advice,
it is about being given time and space to help you come to your own decisions”

In today’s society we are constantly pounded by many stressors which could range from being mild problems to gigantic and severe stressors, inducing problems leading to various concerns related to our mental health and equilibrium. No one lives without some degree of stress in their lives.

Today adolescents and young adults are constantly fighting severe stress issues in their life and most often they are ill-equipped to cope with these stressors, leading to various manifestations of that stress both psychological and social in nature in their daily lives.

Understanding the need for constant guidance and support for our students, we have established a Counselling Unit, with a trained counsellor providing her services 3 days a week for the students of our college.

The Counselling Unit is a platform for students to talk about personal issues in a private and relaxed setting with someone who to listening to them and being non-judgemental towards them. It covers areas pertaining to relationship difficulties, anxiety / stress, self-esteem, loss, addiction and decision making. It gives them a safe space to discuss their problems and find solutions to bring about the required changes to reduces their stress and anxiety.