Women Development Cell


Self Defence Workshop organized by WDC

On Friday 14th December, 2018 a Self Defence Workshop was organized by Women Development Cell of the college at 7.00 p.m. in the ground floor multipurpose hall of the college campus. All the girls of the college from F.Y.B.Com., S.Y.B.Com. and T.Y.B.Com. participated in the Self Defence Workshop.

The resource person for this workshop was Mr. Ganesh Padyhachi of Siddha Academy, Chembur, Mumbai. Mr. Ganesh Padyachi arrived with a team of 4 volunteers who helped demonstrate various techniques to the students. The resource person is a martial art instructor practicing various styles of both modern and traditional combat (Karate and Kallaripattu).

Principal Dr. Padma Rangan welcomed the resource person Mr. Ganesh Padyachi and his team of volunteers with a bouquet of flowers. Dr. Lata Krishnan incharge, of WDC Women Development Cell of the college introduced the resource person. Mr. Ganesh Padyachi started training in martial arts at the young age of 8. He obtained a black belt and participated in tournaments at national and international levels. He has won several accolades and is well travelled. He is a practioner of Kallaripattu, a traditional style of combat. His contribution to the field of martial arts and self-defence inspired the students.

Objective: To inform girls the need and importance of self-defence in the modern urban world today.

Method: Illustration (real life stories and incidences), Demonstration of self-defence techniques.

All the girls of the college were made to practice the easy self-defence techniques demonstrated by the resource person and his team of volunteers.

In the modern urban world women and girls must understand that they are vulnerable and may be attacked anywhere any time. They have to be able to protect themselves. Firstly they should be conscious of where they are and who is surrounding them. They must differentiate between good touch and bad touch. They must not be slaves of mobile phones and social media plugged on to earphones etc. while travelling in public places. This makes them easy targets. Mr. Ganesh Padyachi demonstrated easy techniques of how using simple hand and leg movements, a girl can combat and defend herself form men / boys having evil intentions.

We must be vigilant at all times and quick with our reflexes to protect ourselves. Stories were narrated how children too fall prey to foul motives. Parents and teachers have to abide by schedules and watch and wait for children to return home on time. It is their responsibility to ensure that children are not exposed to crime in unmonitored time slots.

It is important to know the law. Help line numbers 109, 100 etc. were shared to ensure that girls get immediate help when they are attacked.

Self Defence is the need of the hour and is a basic necessity which has to be acquired by all.

Feedback from students attending the workshop was taken. They narrated what they had learnt and were happy to have participated. They felt empowered.

The self Defence workshop ended with a vote of thanks proposed by a student of the S.Y.BCom class.

The workshop was a success.

Lokshahi Utsav 2018

MNDC’s Lokshahi Utsav 2018 was celebrated on Tuesday, 30th January, 2018. Students of F.Y.B.Com., S.Y.B.Com. and T.Y.B.Com. celebrated the Democracy festival by participating in the Essay writing, poetry writing and poster making competition.

The topics for the competition were:

  1. Democracy in my home
  2. India is my country
  3. Unemployment and its impact on Democracy
  4. What I understand by Democracy
  5. Where I find Democracy in day-to-day life
  6. Democracy and Judiciary

The students were asked to write essays and poetry in the class room after discussions and interaction with them on the topics on hand. It was an interesting exercise where students got an opportunity to think, brainstorm and write on topics that are important in the current scenario.

Students were asked to prepare posters at home and submit them for the poster making competition.

The valedictory ceremony for MNDC’s Lokshahi Utsav 2018 was organized on 31st January, 2018 at 6.00 p.m. in the college campus ground floor multipurpose hall. The chief guest for the event was Ms. Uma Ranade an MA in Media & Cultural Studies, M.A. in Sociology and a visiting faculty at S’t Xavier’s College. She spoke on the topic “Nationalism” where she drew from history how the term evolved and how Mother India changed her form and representation from period to period. While she drew from history several illustrations she finally brought her attention to the burning problems the citizen of India are facing. She explained to them the state of affairs and made them think and answer several hard hitting questions. Reality is difficult to face but we are responsible for our own situation is how she summed it up. Ms. Sangeeta Shroff, member of Stree Mukti Sanghatana was the second resource person who spoke about the importance of voting and the right and responsibility to vote. She sang a song that described the state of affairs of our country and the responsibility of the people to set things right.

Prizes for the winners of the essay writing competition, poetry writing competition and poster making competition were given away by the Chief Guest Ms. Uma Ranade, Guest of Honour Ms. Sangeeta Shroff and Principal Dr. Padma Rangan. Students were invited to share their thought and ask questions to the resource persons. It was an interactive session and the participants were rapt in attention from start to finish.

It was a day well spent celebrating Lokshahi (Democracy) and drawing the attention of the students towards their role and responsibility in its functioning.