NCC Activities


NCC Day 2023

Name of the EventNCC Day
Date & Time of the Program4th January, 2023 from 7 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.
VenueMulti-Purpose Hall
Resource Person
  1. ACP Jagdev R. Kalapad

  2. SI Jaykumar Suryavanshi

  3. ANO LT Dinkar Kurkute

No of Participants150
ObjectiveTo encourage the NCC Cadets and to create awareness about defence services
No. of Beneficiaries150

NCC Unit of Mahatma Night Degree College of Arts and Commerce celebrated its NCC Day on 4th January, 2023 at Multi-purpose hall between 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Jagdev R. Kalapad was the Chief Guest of the program. Senior Inspector (SI) Jaykumar Suryavanshi and Assistant NCC Officer (ANO) Dinkar Kurkute from Mithibai College were Guest of the Honor of the NCC Day. Dr. Harsh Shukla gave the opening remarks of the program and invited principal Dr.Eknath Zhrekar to deliver the welcome address. Dr. Eknath Zhrekar welcomed the dignitaries on the dais and the NCC Cadets. He spoke about the importance of NCC in the student’s life and encouraged other students to join the NCC. Cadet CDT Shravan Misal introduced the Chief Guest and Guest of Honours and they were felicitated by the principal Dr. Eknath Zhrekar. After the felicitation program, NCC Cadets performed the Normal Drill, Rifle Guard, Sections and Patriotic dance. Subsequently Dr. Harsh Shukla invited the Chief Guest to address the gathering. ACP Jagdev R. Kalapad sir was very much impressed by the NCC Cadets when he came to know that these are self-motivated NCC Cadets. ACP Jagdev R. Kalapad sir remembered his childhood struggle to obtain the education and he inspired the NCC Cadets to work hard for various defence services. Thereafter Guest of Honour ANO LT Dinkar Kurkute spoke out the structure of NCC in India and how different NCC Cadets became very eminent personalities in the modern time by giving the examples of various political leaders. He said that NCC teaches us Unity and Discipline which helps the students throughout in his life. At the end of the program, Ex- NCC Cadets of the college were felicitated by Principal Dr. Eknath Zhrekar and Guest of Honour ANO LT Dinkar Kurkute sir. The formal vote of thanks was proposed by CDT Sanket Pawar.

Day and Date: Wednesday 4th January, 2023 Time: 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Bringing the House to orderPiolt : 1. CDT Sohail Shaikh
2. CDT Ishwari Tapkire
Opening RemarksDr. Harsh Shukla
Welcome AddressPrincipal Dr. Eknath Zhrekar
Introduction and Felicitation of the Chief GuestACP Jagdev R. Kalapad
Introduction and Felicitation of the Guest of Honour1. SI Jaykumar Suryavanshi
2. ANO LT Dinkar Kurkute
Normal DrillCPL. Vicky Varma
Rifle GuardsCSM Sumit Ballal
NCC SpeechCDT Tushar Raut
SectionsCDT Shravan Misal
Address by the Chief GuestACP Jagdev R. Kalapad
NCC Song & Group Dance PerformanceNCC Cadets
Felicitation Of Ex-seniorsPrincipal Dr. Eknath Zhrekar
Vote of ThanksCDT Sanket Pawar

NCC Day 2020

Achievements of NCC student S.U.O. Rukhsar Shaikh

The Management, Principal, staff and students of Mahatma Night Degree College of Arts and Commerce, Chembur, Mumbai, congratulate S.U.O. Rukhsar Shaikh for participating in the Republic Day Parade 2019 and for her position in the “All India Guard of Honour” in the Prime Minister’s Rally 2019 organized on 28th January, 2019.

Senior Under Officer Rukhsar Shaikh, an NCC cadet of the Mahatma Night Degree College of Arts and Commerce, Chembur, F.Y.B.Com. A Division worked very hard for this position. She participated in 4 Pre CATs (category) elimination rounds organized in Ghatkopar, Mumbai and 5 CATs (category) elimination rounds organized in Pune. This activity happened over a period of three and a half months after which she went to Delhi for the final selection round. Here S.U.O. Rukhar Shaikh was selected for the “All India Guard of Honour” in the Prime Minister’s Rally organised on 28th January, 2019.

Of the 30 member contingents in the “All India Guard of Honour” Prime Minister’s Rally 2019, there were 7 boys and 2 girls from Maharashtra state. S.U.O. Rukhsar Shaikh of Mahatma Night Degree College of Arts and Commerce, Chembur was one among them!

We commend S.U.O. Rukhsar Shaikh for her efforts and for bringing laurels to the college.

Shraddhanjali to CRPF Jawans

Shraddhanjali offered to CRPF Jawans who died for their country. Students and Staff of Night Junior and Degree College held candles and observed 3 minutes silence as mark of respect in a small gathering organised in the college multipurpose hall at 8 p.m. on 17th February, 2019.


NCC Day 2019

Mahatma Night Degree College of Arts and Commerce, Chembur celebrated NCC Day on Friday, 4th January, 2019. The Chief Guest for the evening was Lt. Sunil Kadam, Commissioned Officer of NCC and Assistant Professor, Head, Department of Accountancy at N. G. Acharya and D. K. Marathe College, Chembur Mumbai. He has 22 years of teaching experience and seven years of experience as Associate NCC Officer of 5 Mah emic COY NCC. VJTI.

The Chief Guest Lt. Sunil Kadam arrived at 6.15 p.m. He was escorted by the NCC students to the Principal’s Office. After a brief interaction with the teachers of Mahatma Night Degree College, they proceeded to the MNDC ground floor Multipurpose hall for the NCC Day 2019 celebrations.

Associate Professor Dr. Lata Krishnan, incharge of MNDC NCC welcomed the gathering of students, parents and teachers. She spoke about the motto of NCC “Unity and Discipline” and the efforts taken by the NCC students to participate in various NCC programmes and projects. She announced that Ruksar Shaikh of F.Y.B.Com. was selected for Republic Day Parade 2019. MNDC and the NCC unit of MNDC are proud of Ruksar Shaikh and commended her for her efforts to qualify to participate in the very prestigious RDC Republic Day Camp. This announcement received a loud round of applause.

Honourable Chief Guest Lt. Sunil Kadam lit the lamp and the NCC Day programme commenced. NCC Incharge Associate Professor Dr. Lata Krishnan introduced the Chief Guest. In his Key Note Address Lt. Sunil Kadam highlighted the efforts and focus required by NCC cadets to work effectively. He counseled students to be responsible students and ensure that they do well in academics, NCC and excel in their careers. He explained using accountancy illustrations the money invested in educating and bringing up a student from birth to graduation. The student has to earn well and ensure that he is a productive contributing member of the society. The students received this message cheerfully.

The first event was the Drill presented by PC JUO Divya Ambire and Squad – FC Ashiq Khan, DD Vicky Khale. The Rifle Guards followed by PC SUO Vicky Khale, DD JUO Divya Ambire. The next event was Section Attack – Martial Art, Human Pyramid, Self Defence, fight, breaking by SUO Vicky Khale, JUO Divya Ambire and team. The NCC Activities 2018-19, a power point presentation was made by JUO Divya Ambire. The report was interesting and filled with action photos. This was followed by a cultural programme comprising of a Patriotic group song “He Maya Bhoomi.” A patriotic solo song “E Vatan E Vatan” was sung by Priya Vishwas.

The prize distribution ceremony was the segment awaited by all. The winners were: Best Leader Boys JUO Vicky Khale, Best Leader Girls JUO Vidya Ambire, Best Cultural performer CDT. Kavita Kachre, Best Martial Art Boys CDT. Shubham Kahar, Best Martial Art Girls CDT. Payal Bhagat, Best Cadet CDT. Ashik Khan. Roses were given to senior NCC cadets who had passed out from college and were present for the event.

While the achievers received their medals, students, teachers and parents applauded and the air was filled with the spirit of pride and joy. Group photographs were taken with the Chief Guest Lt. Sunil Kadam and NCC Incharge Associate Professor Dr. Lata Krishnan with all the NCC students of the college present and alumni.

The vote of thanks was proposed by JUO Divya Ambire. The programme ended with the National Anthem.

Pen Marathon

NCC Cadets of MNDC support Pen Marathon 2018

The NCC cadets of Mahatma Night Degree College of Arts and Commerce, Chembur were invited by the Deputy CEO of PIllai HOC Educational Campus, Rasayani Dr. Lata Kasture Menon to support the Pen Marathon 2018. The Pen Marathon was organized on 16th December, 2018 by the Pen Municipal Council and Pillai HOC Educational Campus, Rasayani.

Seventeen MNDC NCC cadets reported to the Pillai Panvel campus at 12.30 p.m. The students stayed overnight in the Rasayani Farm house from where they joined the Pen Marathon well before 7.00 a.m. They were part of the team that flagged off the Pen Marathon. The NCC cadets, all in full uniform ensured that the marathon was well managed and followed all rules and regulations. Discipline and fair play was paramount. Mr. Padmakshan, Director for Sport Pillai Group of Institutions commended the NCC cadets for their hard work on the marathon track. They did a splendid job of coordinating the run, controlling traffic and ensuring the frution of the cause of the run. The slogan for this year’s Pen Marathon was “Run for Swatch Pen” which is in line with the Swatchata Abiyan activities in Pen town. Thousands of participants from the rural township and adjourning villages participated in the Pen Marathon. The NCC cadets of MNDC supported the mega event with the grit and energy of NCC. The Pen Marathon is the biggest Marathon event of Raigad district organized for the 5th time in succession. Cash prizes and trophies for the winners of the various 10 categories including Under 14 years, Under 17 years, Under 19 years, Open and above 50 years in both men and women categories were given.

We are proud of the MNDC Cadets led by Divya of the S.Y.B.Com. to have constructively contributed to this mega event and helped make it a success.

Independence Day

Independence Day 2018

Independence day was celebrated by all the institutions of Mahatma Education Society’s Chembur campus on 15th August, 2018 in the ground floor Open area of the Chembur Campus. Students, teachers and staff assembled at 7.30 a.m. sharp. Small paper flags with pins were distributed on arrival for all to pin up on their person.

The Chief Guest of the event was Ms. Jatinder Kaur, Incharge, Mahatma Chembur English High School & Junior College, Day. The Heads of institutions of the campus joined by Deputy C.E.O. Chembur Campus Shri G. T. Ochani escorted the Chief Guest to the stage area. Two NCC cadet pilots marched smartly on either side of the Chief Guest. They were S.Y.B.Com. NCC students dressed in full NCC uniform with caps and guns et-al. The Chief Guest was guided to the flag post and she hoisted the Indian flag. Flower petals drizzled from the flag as it unfurled and fluttered in the gentle breeze. The national anthem was sung followed by the flag song. The NCC cadets presented their parade. They marched past in uniform trailed by the Chembur English School band that played well the march song. The parade was impressive. The leader saluted the flag and the Chief Guest and Marched back to position.

The chief guest Ms. Jatinder Kaur addressed the gathering. She spoke emotionally about the Independence struggle and the value of being free. She questioned our freedom and said that though India is a free nation we are still slaves of several powers that divide us. We fight and kill in the name of religion, caste, creed, race, language. We have to break free from all this and work towards developing India into a truly free, developed nation. She said it was the responsibility of parents, teachers, schools and colleges to take the lead to change the mindset of the youth of India. We have to be the Change we want to See.

Ms. Jatindar Kaur’s speech stirred the audience and they applauded in appreciation filled with emotions. Her message was strong and well received. The cultural events rolled starting with the Chembur English Primary School, Secondary School, Day Junior College, D.Ed. College, Mahatma Night Degree and Junior College and the B.Ed. college. An array of events ranging from a fashion parade to, street plays, skits, dances, speeches and songs all filled the morning with the spirit of patriotism and joy. Mahatma Night Degree College students presented a skit called ‘Civic Awareness for an Independent Nation – Be the Change you want to See’ There were four skits each one with a message. They described the civic problems we are facing. Bad roads, pot holes and waste on the streets; water shortage; ambulance facility for road accidents and power failure in cities. The BMC help line numbers were flashed educating people of their rights. The helpline numbers will help people report the problem they are facing and help authorities address the issues. The students performing were from T.Y.B.Com. and S.Y.B.Com. This was a MNDC’S CMCA Youth wing initiative. The students performed well and the programme was successful. The performances concluded with a dance by the students of the B.Ed. college.

Chocolates were distributed to all present and the students dispersed. The teachers proceeded to room number 401 where C.E.O. and Chairman of Mahatma Education Society’s Pillai Group of Institutions Dr. K. M. Vasudevan Pillai Sir addressed the gathering. Sir spoke about the political scenario and blamed the people and leaders for all the problems we are facing. He emphasized that Education alone will solve our problems and that we have to ensure that free and compulsory education is imparted to children. A delicious traditional Kerala breakfast was served. Dr. K. M. Vasudevan Pillai released a book titled “Value Embedded Life” authored by Dr. Sunita Patawari, Director of EduKids, Tilak Nagar and Senior Professor of Pillai College of Education and Research, Chembur. Dr. Sunita distributed sweets and all congratulated and commended her for authoring a book. The breakfast meeting ended on a joyful note hoping that the conditions in our country will change for the better.

NCC Day Celebration 2017

NCC unit of Mahatma Night Degree College of Arts & Commerce celebrated its NCC Day on 22nd December, 2017. Dr. Sunil Kadam from Acharya College had been called as a Chief Guest for the event. The program started at 7 p.m. and the pilots escorted the chief guest Dr. Sunil Kadam. The welcome speech was given by NCC cadet and Principal Dr. Padma Rangan felicitated the chief guest with floral tribute. After the formal introduction of the chief guest, NCC Cadets performed the regular drill and guards. Dr. Sunil Kadam had been asked to inspect the drill and the guard by the NCC Leader. Later on NCC cadets demonstrated combat fighting and their martial arts performance. This was followed by the address of the chief guest. Dr. Sunil Kadam appreciated the efforts taken by the NCC Cadets and thanked Dr. Padma Rangan for her enormous support to the NCC unit of the college. All the brilliant NCC cadets were awarded with the medals. The program concluded with the vote of thanks given by Dharmendra Chakraborty.

Independence Day Celebration 2016

National Cadet Corps (NCC) Unit of Mahatma Night Degree College celebrated Independence Day splendidly in academic year 2016-17. The Chief Guest of the event Dr. Sunita Jain from Pillais’ College of Education and Research was piloted by NCC Students from the main gate. March parade band’s beat along with piloting NCC Cadets enthralled the entire gathering present for the celebration. Dr. Sunita Jain formally started the function by flag hoisting which was followed by national anthem.

After the formal inauguration of the function, SUV Puroshotam Pawar asked permission for NCC drill from the chief guest Dr. Sunita Jain. The permission was granted by the chief guest and NCC drill was performed by the NCC Cadets. The discipline and dedication of NCC drill left the gathering spellbound. Consequently, the chief guest expressed her ideas about national integrity, development paths of the nations and hindrance for the same. Her ideas provoked the thought process of the students and teacher of chembur campus. The program proceeded by the cultural events by the students of different sections of chembur campus.
After completion of all the cultural events, vote of thanks was given to management of mahatma education society and all the heads of institutes by the students of D.Ed. Section. The program was concluded by the pledge of integrity and unity by the gathering.