Faculty List

The faculty is the real strength of our college. We have highly qualified, experienced, committed, competent and result oriented teachers whose appointments are approved on a permanent basis by the University of Mumbai. Faculty members are also excellent research scholars and resource persons for national and international conferences and seminars.

Faculty NameDesignationDepartmentQualification
Dr. Padma V. Rangan
Principal & HODMathematicsM.Sc., Ph.D.
Prof. Chandramohan Varma
Vice-Principal & HODEnglishM.A., NET
Dr. Lata Krishnan
Asst. Professor & HODCommerceM.Com., B.Ed., SET, Ph.D.
Prof. Eknath K. Zhrekar
Asst. ProfessorCommerceM.Com., NET, GDC & A
Prof. Anaya A. Kavishwar
Asst. ProfessorCommerceM.Com. NET, M.Phil.
Prof. Tushar Pawar
Asst. ProfessorE.V.S.M.Sc., SET
Prof. Harsh Shukla
Asst. ProfessorEconomicsM.A. in Economics, NET / SET, Pursunig Ph.D. from Mumbai University
Ms. Parveen Arif
LibrarianM.A. in Sociology, M.Phil in Library Science
Part – Time Faculty
Prof. Rao LakshmiAsst. ProfessorLawB.A., L.L.M.