Institutional Distinctiveness

About Mahatma Night Degree College

Mahatma Night Degree College of Arts & Commerce is permanently affiliated to the University of Mumbai. The college was established in 1986 with the primary objective of providing facilities for higher education for less privileged youth who cannot become full time students at day colleges. The college is located at Chembur, a central suburb of Mumbai. With a very modest beginning of merely 60 students, today the college has a large student fraternity exceeding 1400 ambitious learners and a galaxy of committed and dedicated teachers of high caliber.

The college runs the three year integrated B.Com. (Regular) Degree Course of the University of Mumbai. Catering to the need of the economically underprivileged students of the local area, who are part time learners, employed during the day, the college has been contributing to the upliftment of the academically and economically challenged section of society by empowering and equipping the first generation learners to become better citizens.

The college has completed 33 glorious years of service to the society. The night college gives an opportunity for students to complete their graduation without disturbing their earnings. Further, we also give admission to students particularly dropouts or students with gap in their education who after completing their education are placed in main stream jobs contributing to the growth of society. Needless to say but for this opportunity these students would be social misfits and perhaps some even anti social elements.


“Education for all”


“Percolation of education to the economically and academically underprivileged and to empower, enlighten and equip them to become responsible citizens.”


  1. Offering applied component group subjects relevant for immediate employment
  2. Organising placement guidance and assistance for better performance in the job interview programme
  3. In addition to all round personality development, to develop a sense of social commitment for students by conducting on-going community development camps in rural areas
  4. To impart quality education
  5. To involve youth in community service in order to sensitize them towards the underprivileged and towards senior citizens
  6. To create respect for environment and practice the 3R’s concept (Reduce, Recycle and Reuse)
  7. To impart an education that makes youth productive and responsible citizens of the country