News and Events Workshop 2017-18

Two Day Workshop on “Pre-Marital Counselling” 2017

Date: 28th and 29th July, 2017

This special discourse was jointly organized by the NSS unit of our college and Women Development Cell in association with Stree Mukti Sanghatana on the 28th and 29th July, 2017 in our college. This programme was the first of its kind. About 70 students (boys and girls) from first year, second year and third year participated in the sessions held on both the days of the workshop.

On the first day, the 28th July 2017 the session was inaugurated by the Principal Dr. Padma Rangan by lighting the lamp. The Principal Dr. Padma Rangan also introduced and felicitated the guest of honour and the resource person Ms. Sangeeta Saraf with a floral tribute.

The opening session was delivered by Ms. Sangeeta Saraf on the topic ‘Gender Equality’.The speaker highlighted the need of considering both the genders at par in physical and mental abilities. She underlined that the time had come to respect mutually and appreciate the strengths in each other. It was also pointed out that, today, females cannot be side lined in any area as was done in the past. The session was a strong attempt to erase the mind-set existing even in the young generation which was found to have a reserved discriminative mentality. However the entire session was thought provoking and very lively. The students came forward with a few queries and the speaker clarified them very well.

The second session of the day was on selection of life partner. This was also very interesting and very much interactive. The speaker then motivated the students to imagine the scene of their proposing to their life partner. After some time the speaker collected their demands made to their partner at the time of proposal. Each demand was jotted down on the board and analysed. Later she sang songs related to each of the points written on the board. Towards the end of the session the students were found to be very positive in selecting the partner to lead a happy married life.

The programme was concluded after the vote of thanks proposed by the Convenor of the workshop Asst. Prof. Tushar A. Pawar.

The second day’s curtain raising was on marital adjustment by Ms. Savita Kurhade. The speaker, first of all, laid down a few case studies regarding the tendencies to get divorced after a short married life. The speaker opened out the possible reasons and the strong one of them is weakness in mutual understanding. She advocated the need of open talks about the thought about the partner and feelings to be respected. The other reason for separation being not recognizing or supporting the decisions taken by either-or. In-fact the partners can counsel each other whenever a stress or strain disturbed the relation. Giving mutual respect is only solution for a prospective married life. After formally winding up the session the house was open for question-answer time. The students well utilized this period to get clear many of their confusing thoughts which they observed in other family relations. They did not wish to repeat in their future life. The session was wound up after vote of thanks proposed by student representative Ms. Gazala Sheikh.

The second session of the final day was on Sexuality Education and legal aspects by Ms. Pradnya Saraf from Stree Mukti Sanghatana. This was more or less on anatomic knowledge imparting about the mis-concepts in about reproductive system. The speaker detailed each segment of getting fertility and pregnancy. She also gave an idea about X and Y chromosomes and classification in the birth of boy and or girl child. She also enlightened the students by giving some idea about the infertility and the possible reasons and also the treatment availability. She also lessoned the extra care and need of keeping the reproductive organs and areas with great hygiene and cleanliness for preventing venereal diseases.

In the legal aspect sessions she started with the careful documentation of marriage related papers to ensure correct nomination to safe guard the survivors. If anything fatal occurs to anyone. Before the session concluded there was a brief interactive feedback given and take round up. The feedback from the students was very satisfactory.

The final days all the sessions came to an end and programme was disbursed after vote of thanks by Principal Dr. Padma Rangan.