Co-curricular Activities 2011-12

Fresher's Orientation

F.Y.J.C. 2011 – Orientation Programme – 16th August, 2011

The Orientation Programme of Mahatma Night Junior College was held on 16th August, 2011 in the college premises. Principal Dr. Padma Rangan was the Chairperson. Our Vice – Principal Prof. R. S. Dongre hosted the programme. The programme began with an introduction of the Principal to the gathering that consisted of more than 350 students. The Principal gave an introductory speech giving all details about the college. In fact, the history of the college in a nutshell was delivered to the students. Vice–Principal Prof. R. S. Dongre spoke about the rules and regulations of the institution and cleared all the doubts that came in the minds of the students. After making the students aware of the institutional rules, regulation and timings Sir passed on to the next step of introducing the staff.

The staff was introduced and each and every one of the staff members shared their views and gave some guidance to the new comers. Speeches delivered by each staff member were on the subject, the importance of it and the way on how they should tackle the problems of the student’s difficulty. The class teachers of the sections were also introduced.

Time was allocated for the students to discuss, enquire on any queries. After that the Vice – Principal Prof. R. S. Dongre thanked the gathering. The Principal expressed her regards to all the staff members and appreciated each ones speech. Madam also added that co–curricular and extra–curricular activities will be taking place in due course of time. Madam also said that this year being ‘The Silver Jubilee’ year of the college, there will be a lot of chances for exposing the hidden talents of the students and that the Night Degree and Junior will work as one unit. The orientation came to an end with the distribution of snacks. The students felt good and they in turn thanked the teachers and promised their contribution for the well being of the institution.