Co-curricular Activities 2009-10

Pulse Polio

Pulse Polio – Inner Wheel Club of Chembur & Deonar

Women’s Graduate Union

Women’s Graduate Union (WGU)

Principal Dr. Padma Rangan and HOD – Commerce & Accountancy Dr. Lata Krishnan are members of ‘Women’s Graduate Union’ WGU, Colaba, Mumbai. The WGU is a body of University Women that networks several universities, educational institutions and NGO’s and organizes seminars and workships on several current topics e.g. consumer and civic affairs, traffic nightmare and its solutions, RTI (Right to Information) – an instrument of social change in association with bodies like Consumer Guidance Society of India, Council for Fair Business Practices, Forum for Free Enterprises, Indian Merchant Chambers – Ladies wing. On behalf of WGU our faculty members regularly attends central committee meeting of the IFUWA (International Federation University Women’s Association).

Indian Federation of University Women’s Associations (IFUWA)

Affiliated to the International Federation of University Women (IFUW)

The Federation shall be called the “Indian Federation of University Women’s Associations” hereinafter referred to as IFUWA, affiliated to the International Federation of University Women (IFUW).

To bind together associations of women graduates of recognized universities in India:

  1. To enable them to take concerted action
  2. To stimulate the interest of University Women in civic and public life
  3. To facilitate academic endeavor and encourage independent research
  4. To promote national and international understanding, friendship and co–operation among the University women, irrespective of their race, nationality, religion or political opinions
  5. a) to render help and guidance to members of national association of the International Federation of University Women (IFUW) who visit India
    b) to render help and guidance to members of University Women’s Association (UWA’s) of India
  6. To acquire, maintain and transfer property in furtherance of the interest of IFUWA.

All income and property of IFUWA from wheresoever’s derived shall solely be spent for the promotion of its purpose as set forth in this Memorandum.

On dissolution of IFUWA, if any property remains after the settlement of all its debts and liabilities, it shall be disposed off according to the decision of IFUWA immediately preceding such dissolution.