Schedule for T.Y.B.Com admission 2018-19 (Sem V & Sem VI)

  • Issue of blank admission forms from 19th May, 2018 onwards

Schedule for submission of duly filled admission form & payment of fees

Eligibility Rules:

  1. Result passed in Sem–I, Sem-II, Sem–III & Sem–IV
  2. Result passed in Sem–I, Sem-II & ATKT in Sem–III & / OR Sem–IV
  3. Result passed in Sem–III, Sem-IV & ATKT in Sem–I & / OR Sem–II
  4. ATKT Rule: Mamimum Fail in 2 Subjects per Semester
Applied components offered
a) Direct and In-direct taxes
b) Computer Systems and Applications

  • For students passing in Regular / Additional examination in Sem–I, Sem–II, Sem–III and Sem–IV i.e. No Live ATKT

  • Subjects having ATKT in 1 or 2 subjects either in Sem-I, Sem-II, Sem-III & Sem-IV will be given above subject. They should take admission on or before 26th April, 2018 as seats are limited.


  • Students having ATKT in 3 or 4 subjects either Sem–I, Sem–II, Sem–III and Sem–IV will be given Tax + P&SK / Tax + E&MSSI subject

  • Submission of admission form duly filled in with all mark sheets along with annual fees at the college office from 20th to 28th May, 2018.
  • Payment of Fees: 20th to 28th May, 2018.

Documents Required:

  1. All Sem–I, Sem–II, Sem–III & Sem–IV mark sheets Xerox copied
  2. 2 photographs (passport size)
  3. Aadhar card Xerox
  4. Annual Fees

Note: Issue of forms and payment of fees at the college between 5.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m. on all working days.